Sample of Industries PSG has countered public opposition in:

• Corporate Real Estate Developments
• Senior Living Communities
• Shopping Centers
• Wind Farms
• Athletic Complexes
• Waste Disposal Facilities
• Transportation Infrastructure
• Housing Projects
• Natural Gas Exploration Sites

Public opposition to development, often called “NIMBYism” or “not in my backyard” syndrome, consists of strong opposition by one person or a group of people to a new project or development in their community. Whatever may be their motivation, NIMBYs, as they are commonly referred to, are very likely to organize quickly to communicate their opposition to a local project in an effort to curb development and waste companies’ time and resources.
In addition, the “backyard” has grown so vastly that nowadays, NIMBYism affects locations all over the world. With opposition spanning from New York to Tokyo, the battleground is no longer restricted just to the “backyard,” but rather extends to the skies above us, the water and seas around us, and the earth beneath us.

A Grassroots Solution
PSG is one of the few firms in the nation that specializes in countering the “Not In My Backyard” syndrome by running effective grassroots and public affairs campaigns for developers, builders, corporations and entities. Whether your needs include polling, direct mail, coalition building, social media engagement, referendum management or identification of local grassroots supporters for your projects, PSG is the firm to choose when faced with opposition to your proposal.
For a successful outcome in battling public opposition, a grassroots campaign should have a strategic balance of both public affairs and political campaign style skills. Our professionals will ensure just the right amount of each is in your unique plan to successfully guide supporters into the grassroots effort prior to public hearings or community input sessions. The PSG team has over 20 years of experience utilizing tactics from both fields to build a groundswell of support for controversial development projects in twenty states and three countries. When paired with a data-driven approach to outreach, creative content developed by PSG will guide your campaign to quickly educate and recruit key advocates—and this support will be key to guiding your project to a successful outcome.

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