Public Strategy Group, Inc. is a strategic public affairs firm founded in 1995 by Al Maiorino.

After working on political campaigns for several years, Al decided to apply his knowledge of politics to the fields of corporate communications and public affairs. PSG was created with an understanding that all land use is political in nature and that grassroots campaigns, which aim to identify, connect and mobilize supportive individuals, are essential to moving public opinion. Our approach aims to educate and identify citizen advocates from a group of community members that all too often would otherwise remain as the “silent majority.” We mobilize real citizen support in the form of hearing testimony, digital advocacy and letters of support to legislators, news outlets and regulators. Our unique experience in both political and corporate fields makes PSG one of the few firms in the nation that equally provides expertise in public affairs with the style of a political campaign.

Our Mission

At Public Strategy Group we believe in the importance of forming relationships with others. From the relationships we build with our clients, to those that we bridge with their audience, we take a data-centered approach to connecting people together by evoking individuals’ personal narratives to move public opinion and mobilize change.