Issue Advocacy

While local, state and federal lobbyists are essential to the promotion or opposition of any legislative issue by a company, issue advocacy campaigns are increasingly becoming a necessary tool to successfully guide legislation through to victory. These campaigns produce a groundswell of support for the client’s position, in the form of letters, e-mails and key testimony at public hearings. Registered lobbyists are one piece of winning successful legislation – issue advocacy is the other.

Issue advocacy on the grassroots level can assist these efforts by creating a wave of constituent support for legislative issues. PSG runs effective, data-driven campaigns by strategically targeting the correct legislative districts and constituents within those districts to complement all of your lobbying efforts. Messaging is informed by scientific polling or surveys to craft messaging that is sure to resonate with community members. The identification of the specific platforms on which public officials are engaging is also crucial to the optimization of messaging. For this reason, PSG will work with supporters both in-person for traditional mobilization techniques such as letter writing campaigns and digitally for the development of creative infographics that can easily be shared to create an instant buzz that legislators cannot miss.