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Public Strategy Group, Inc. (PSG) is a leading public affairs firm specializing in issue advocacy and land use entitlement campaigns. We offer a broad portfolio of services that gives our clients in both the public and private sectors the strategic advantage over their detractors and competing interests. We have a unique expertise in moving public opinion on issues, development and causes. We have worked in over twenty-two states and three countries, and for over twenty years we have helped companies gain approval on controversial development projects totaling billions of dollars in investment.

A PSG designed campaign will build an effective advocacy network that will have a positive impact on public opinion, elected leaders, regulatory agencies and the media. Take a look around our website and contact us to find out how PSG can design a campaign that provides the highest level of service to meet your company’s objectives.

Who We Are

PSG is one of the only firms that focuses heavily on land use public affairs.  At PSG, we are content creators, innovators and experienced communications professionals.

Blog Posts & Articles

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