Exploring, Educating and Moving Public Opinion One Step at a Time

Public Strategy Group, Inc. (PSG) is a leading outreach, communications and public relations firm specializing in exploring, educating and moving the public - one step at a time. We have a broad portfolio of services that gives our clients the strategic advantage when it comes to all aspects involving the public. We have worked in over 30 states, one U.S. Territory and three countries, and for over 25 years we have helped companies achieve their short term and long term objectives. Our successes have led our clients to gain movement on billions of dollars of investment, along with reaching the public at the right time to meet their objectives.

A PSG designed campaign will build an effective advocacy network that will have a positive impact on public opinion, elected leaders, regulatory agencies and the media. Take a look around our website and contact us to find out how PSG can design a campaign that provides the highest level of service to meet your company's objectives.

Who We Are