Turning ideas into action: Public Strategy Group, guiding vision with data for real results.

Public Strategy Group, Inc. (PSG) is a foremost outreach, communications, and public relations firm, committed to expertly navigating, enlightening, and shaping public sentiment along with persuading visitors and consumers. We offer an expansive array of services, engineered to provide our clients with a decisive and competitive edge across all facets of public engagement, and stakeholder management including specialized destination services. Our company’s extensive track record spans nearly 30 years, encompassing projects in over 30 states, one US territory, and eleven countries.  We facilitate the achievement of both short-term objectives and long-term aspirations for numerous enterprises.  Our successes have spurred movement on billions of dollars of investment, while deftly aligning our clients with the prevailing public sentiment to realize their strategic goals.

A PSG designed campaign will build an effective advocacy network that will have a positive impact on public opinion, elected leaders, regulatory agencies and the media. Take a look around our website and contact us to find out how PSG can design a campaign that provides the highest level of service to meet your organization's objectives.