Stakeholder and Community Relations

Leveraging a Network of Stakeholders & Community Members is Key

Many government and privately sponsored projects require the public’s input at some point in the process. Successful project managers know that collaborating with the public early in the development stage and environmental review process will reduce opposition and challenges during the project’s permitting process.

Public involvement is equally important in the regulatory process as it is in the legislative arena. When a company is required to submit a proposal to a regulatory agency for review, the process is unique since regulators are often appointed experts who are not subject to a constituent feedback loop at the polls during elections. Therefore, PSG’s community relations techniques utilize the public comment period to influence regulators by proving it is in their interest to keep the project moving forward on schedule. What sets us apart is PSG’s ability to keep community members engaged throughout the ebbs and flows of the regulatory process, which could otherwise easily cause delays or cancellations for companies.